Pensioners and War Veterans

Audiology Trio is accredited to provide free hearing evaluation services to pensioners and war veterans (DVA cardholders) under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.  Audiology Trio also provides free hearing aids for pensioners and war veterans (conditions apply).

How to apply for this program:

Option 1:

Click here and complete the application process.

Call Audiology Trio on 3283 5555 to make an appointment.

Option 2:

Call Audiology Trio on 3283 5555. We can complete the application process through the Office of Hearing Services online portal and at the same time we can make an appointment for you.

How to Transfer to Audiology Trio

If you are currently on the Government’s Hearing Services Program you are able to transfer to Audiology Trio if you wish to.

This can be done by calling Audiology Trio on 3283 5555 and providing your name, date of birth and pension or DVA card number.

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