Hearing Test

Comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment includes the following tests:

  • Pure tone audiometry (PTA)
  • Speech audiometry
  • Acoustic immittance

Pure tone audiometry

  • This is the “basic hearing test” component
  • The hearing test involves obtaining air conduction hearing thresholds under headphones or ear inserts if indicated, plus bone conduction hearing thresholds using a bone conductor
  • PTA  is able to determine the type of hearing loss (see Types of Hearing Loss), the degree of the hearing loss and the configuration or shape of the hearing loss
  • This information is vital for prescribing the most appropriate hearing aids if they are required

Speech audiometry

  • This test assesses the client’s ability to discriminate speech by assessing just how clearly the client is able to hear speech at different levels
  • This test should be performed prior to any hearing aid fitting to evaluate if a hearing aid is indicated
  • It is also a great cross-check for children’s hearing tests

Acoustic immittance

  • This test is predominately used to assess middle ear status
  • It is an important part of the test battery for confirming a conductive or mixed hearing loss

For hearing tests  for adults and children by a qualified Audiologist on the Redcliffe Peninsula and around Brisbane call Audiology Trio today.

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