Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax, known as cerumen, is secreted by 2 glands in the ear canal.  It is produced in the outer third or cartilaginous portion of the ear canal.  The purpose of ear wax is to lubricate the ear canal and give some protection from infection.  Ear wax is a combination of the waxy excretions, dead skin and hair.

Some people associate a lot of ear wax with poor hygiene and are horrified to hear that their ear canal is full of the stuff.  Of course, we have no control of the amount of wax we produce or whether our ear canal “traps” wax causing a wax build-up.  Most people only need to clean the opening portion of the ear canal as the ear canal is self-cleaning dragging the wax out as the skin in our ear canal grows.

People who do produce a lot of wax and have narrow and bendy ear canals do tend to suffer more from wax build up.  A build-up of wax is often associated with a slight reduction in hearing, echo of your own voice and a blocked feeling.  It is possible though to have none of the above symptoms but still have a significant build-up of wax.

The audiologists at Audiology Trio are trained to remove ear wax safely.  Audiology Trio use 2 methods to safely remove ear wax from an ear canal:

  • Microsuction
  • Scooping the wax out using special tools

i.) Microsuction

Microsuction ear cleaning is a technique that involves the use of a tiny vacuum to gently suction wax from the ear canal.  This technique requires the wax to be relatively soft so wax drops may be required before the appointment.

Historically, ENT specialists have only had access to this technique.  Now many audiologists and GP practices have this service available to their patients.

ii.) Ear Curettes

Specialised ear curettes are used to gently pick or pull ear wax from the ear canal.  Again, if the wax is very hard, then a wax drop treatment for a few days prior to the appointment is recommended to help soften the wax.

How much?

$95 for two ears. We offer discounts for eligible clients.
To arrange ear wax removal, please click here to make an appointment or call 3283 5555.

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