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Audiology Trio’s owners, Sharyn Lim and Greg Angus, are both University Qualified Audiologists, studying for a minimum of 5 years to become qualified to provide holistic hearing health care.

Sharyn and Greg established their Independent Hearing Health Care Practice in Kipp-Ring, on the Redcliffe Peninsula, in 2010.

With over 40 years combined experience the two decided to go out on their own to offer modern Audiological devices with traditional care, servicing Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs.

Read what our clients say about us on our testimonials page…

“Our aim is to provide the best hearing health care solutions for our clients at a very competitive and fair price.”



Greg Angus

Greg Angus’s early recognition of the importance of hearing in communication prompted him to enrol in Audiology after completing his undergraduate university degree of Human Movement Studies. Since making this important study change Greg has carved out a highly successful career in Audiology, working with one of Queensland’s largest full-service Audiological practices for over 13 years.

During this long-term tenure Greg worked with children and adults in diagnostic Audiology and in the last eight years his focus was on adult rehabilitative Audiology, working with both private and government-assisted clients. Mr Angus said after 20 years in the industry he still experiences significant job satisfaction because of the key role he plays in improving people’s ability to hear and, in turn, their ability to communicate.

“We saw an opportunity to set up an independent Audiology practice that is service-focused.”- said Mr Angus.

Sharyn Lim

Sharyn Lim was a Registered Nurse for 30 years working as an After Hours Manager of a private hospital whilst raising her children. When her children were becoming independent she set her sights on changing her career but wanted to continue to be able to help people.

Sharyn went back to university as a mature age student and completed a Masters of Audiology. Upon graduating she worked with a large private Audiology practice based in the city prior to setting up Audiology Trio.

Both Greg and I come from varying backgrounds, being at different stages of our lives we bring a good balance to the practice. We are excited to be servicing clients in Brisbane’s surrounding suburbs and on the Redcliffe Peninsula, avoiding travelling into the Brisbane CBD for Specialist Care. Our point of Difference: We are Independent, Local Audiologists to offer a continuity of service with hearing health care. – said Mrs Lim.
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